Unison Notation

Is it possible to write 2 unison notes (different voices) that could be reflected in Guitar TAB one note for each string?
(Dorico Elements 4)

Yes, input the notes you need, then move one to another string if required.

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Thank you for your answer Lillie, but I’m referring, how can you do it with unison notes?
Is it possible?

As @Lillie_Harris explained. Create each note in a different voice, then set the string property for each…

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Thank you so much, Lillie and Janus!

Another option is to add the unison interval in the same voice, using the add interval popover. In that case Dorico will put each note in a different string (when possible) in the Tablature.
Guitar unison


Thank you so much Rafa!
This option is faster and it works great for me!

Thank you, I did not think of that solution. (Still learning every day)

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