unistalling cubase programs

ive been using cubase 8 but the dongle broke and i couldnt remember the code so i bought myself a cubase 10 . All i want to know is if i unistall the cubase programs i already have on the computer will the tracks/songs get deleted ?


No, the projects will not be deleted by uninstalling Cubase.

Btw, there is a process in Steinberg. If your USB-eLicenser becomes broken, you can get a replacement Activation Code. It’s not necessary to buy a new Cubase.

2 late lol thanks for the help though .

going to try and send it back and use my old cubase to upgrade . Can you walk me though it .


Get in touch with your local distributor/support or with the official Steinberg support. Ask for the document for the broken USB-eLicenser, please.