Universal Apollo anyone using!

Is anyone using a universal apollo and word so what kind of latencies /buffer are you achieving with vocal and cat instruments etc? Are there any downsides? Ie does it work with the control room cues? Any probs with that?


it only works right with TB period, FW sucks.
when set up correctly it works as advertised and I can run @ 64 buffer. however just like a UAD card as you add more plugs you may have to raise buffer.
the plugs while recording also work as stated
and if you aren’t getting the TB card for free you are paying too much…

That’s very helpful thanks.

I do have a couple of big questions which Im not sure I understand the workings of Apollo correctly.

Assuming you are working at 64 buffer or even much higher, and you monitor via the Apollo, can you get zero latency monitoring on all channels, with FX etc? And with FW how much worse is it?

Also, I hear there is a workaround that you have to set Cubase from ‘tape machine’ to ‘manual’ monitoring. So doesn’t that make things tricky when, for example, vocalist has just finished recording a part, in order to hear that back I must then manually enable the ‘monitor’ button on the cubase track? That seems tedious and bad for productivity, or have I misunderstood?

Hope to hear back and thank you again.


p.s. how much do you love Apollo?

I have an Apollo Quad. It works great. Setting Cubase to ‘manual’ is the correct setting to give monitoring control over to Apollo. When you are recording, Apollo Console automatically brings the input fader up. When you play back, Apollo Console pulls the input fader down, allowing the recorded material to be heard from the Cubase track it was recorded to without also hearing a live mic. It is a good idea to set up the Cubase track with the same effects as you have on the input channel of the Apollo Console so when you punch in, the monitoring effects won’t change. Also, be sure to turn off all plugins on your master buss while recording, as Cubase playback level and Apollo monitoring level likely will not match if they’re on.

There is some kind of FW issue, but it hasn’t been a major issue for me, running my system 16 hours every day. Worst case, I have to reset the Apollo by turning it off, then on. That’s a rare occurrence. Thunderbolt is definitely the way to go, though, for the bandwidth and speed it provides over FW800.

The Apollo is a superb interface/plugs platform. 4 clean mic pres, lots of I/O and routing options. The UA plugins are beautiful: the new LA2A, 1176, API eqs are exceptional, as are most all of their plugs. There’s no midi on it, but I use my old RME for that.

All that to say the Apollo/Cubase 7 is a great combo. :smiley:

Thanks for that. I actually demo’d an Apollo unit for a week there. Shocked to see the performance of latencies was poor compared to my MR816CSX. Working at 88khz and low buffers the Apollo drivers are not quite fully developed yet to provide low enough latency for E Drum tritggering. I’ll need to hold off purchasing this for now until drivers are better.