Universal Audio cards/-plug-ins & the 64 bit world

G`day everybody,

while investigating on UAD-2 cards I found a lot of contradictory statements or perhaps my technical understanding is inadequate.

As to my understanding UAD-2 cards are 64 bit-compatible but the plug-ins aren`t. Is that correct?

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UAD drivers are 64bit the plugins are still 32bit.

Thank you!

Existing UAD users received a survey two weeks ago. In that survey there was a line that went something like this …

“What single feature would you most like to see added to the UAD …”
“Note: don’t put x64 support, it is already well underway …”

I can’t remember the exact wording but it was something like that. For what its worth, I have completely gone C6x64. I use UAD extensively. It behaves OK bridged. There are some quirks, but the plugs function ok.

Thanks for your input!

I hope that UA`s announcement to offer 64 bit plug-ins in the near future will come true.
Meanwhile I have ordered a card & Santa Claus has added a Lexicon 224 to it…to it…to it…to it…

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UA sent out an email to all users stating that 2012 is definitely the year of 64bit versions, and at NO extra cost to users. That is, the upgrade will be free.

Got that email, thanks! That`s good news!