Universal binaries/fallback license?

I have a Wavelab Pro license on my eLicenser dongle, and I received a “free” Wavelab LE license when I bought a UR22mkII audio interface. I was hoping that the LE license could serve as a kind of “fallback” license in case I don’t have the dongle with me and only need to perform a minor edit on a sound file, but it seems that Wavelab Pro doesn’t recognize the lesser license and refuses to start.

This is different with Dorico Pro that uses a universal binary and will start with the “best” license it can find, which is a very nice feature. Is something like that possible with Wavelab, or do I have to install it twice?

And while I’m at it (slightly off-topic), does anyone know how things stand with Cubase in this regard (i. e. would it fallback from a Pro to an AI license if the bigger license is currently unavailable)?


Pro and LE are different installations
same on Cubase Pro and AI