Universal "Brushes" Playback Technique for Drum Kits / Percussion Maps

Hi, is there a way to create a Playback Technique that will effect playback for all instruments in a drum kit Percussion Map? With Expression Maps, a Playing Technique such as Pizzicato triggers Playback Technique “Pizzicato” (Articulation: Direction) and any subsequent notes sound accordingly.

I would like to be able to specify “Brushes” as a Playing Technique for drum set and have a corresponding Playback Technique have the same effect as above. I can get a single instrument in the kit to trigger in this way (snare, etc.), but it’s not practical to have to mark this for every instrument in the kit.

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Audio Engine:

I’m sorry Josh, but that’s why those drums use percussion maps instead of expression maps… Each note is a “different instrument”, and that is the way most libraries are built. What you *can * do is tweak the library itself to have a preset that only plays with brushes (for instance, with Superior Drummer 3, you load a brushes SDX) and you can use another kit (with a sticks preset) when you don’t need brushes. That way, a simple staff text can express the kind of sticks you need, and you get the proper playback.

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Ahh, I see - that was my hunch. So I’d set it up so that “To Brushes” and “To Sticks” would trigger a Dorico Instrument Change (to the appropriate kit / preset)?


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Actually, if you have two different kits for the same player and you input your music in galley view, when you write for the second kit (second staff) Dorico should change instrument automatically, and you should be able to override the change instrument text. Please check it works with drum kits, as I am far away from my computer and cannot check myself, sorry…

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