Universal echoing problem UR22C

Hi, first post here. Still more or less getting used to the hardware. I have both headphones and speakers connected directly to the DAW via 3.5mm adapter plugs. It seems that no matter what I’m watching or listening to, and what device I’m using to output sound, every sound has a slight echo. I can confirm that everything is hooked up tight, and only the necessary audio devices are enable, only the necessary knobs turned.

Running Windows 10 (holding out until I absolutely have to upgrade, because I hate the interface of 11). Connected via USB.

Please feel free to ask any clarifying questions, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Can you explain that?

This should help with specificity. I could only post one embedded image, so the other cable is a Y-splitter - one 1/4 that goes into my sub, and two 3.5mm to go into the speaker ports on the DAW.

Are adapter cables like this known to cause echo with any kind of playback?

Have you tried adjusting the Mix knob while listening?

You can also check the driver settings by following the guidance in the manual (p. 6):

Seems the driver configuration fixed it. Thanks, Wildschwein. This is my first DAW, and the learning curve is quite steep.

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