Unkind Steinberg

Hi Folks,

My Cubase 6.5 on the Mac is proving to be a nightmare. First of all, when I launch Cubase 6.5 on my iMac, no window is opened after when the Cubase is launched fully and all I have is the desktop staring at me. I have to select ‘new project’ from the file menu (or command-N) and then the project assistant appears! Whatever selection I make in the Preference window-> General tab-> On startup, no window opens up at startup, ever. Trashing the preferences did not help either.

Now when I try to import a movie in the session, nothing happens. After repeating the same step several times, the movie gets imported suddenly. But without audio (even though the “extract audio from video on import” option is already selected)! “Import audio from a video file” in the file menu doesn’t work either. So, even if the movie is imported by persistent efforts, it is without dialogues.

In the similar manner, the halion 4.5 has given a major heart attack, apart from endless other troubles. All my previous Halion 3 library, created from the hardware CD ROMs and organized painstakingly, is shown as unsupported content in the Halion 4. Again, sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn’t. Shocking for an unsuspecting musician!

The most frustrating part of the story is Steinberg’s indifferent attitude towards the Indian customers. No tech support in India. You buy their stuff at your own risk and are left on the mercy of God. Very irresponsible. I think this way these companies encourage the use of pirated softwares!! Why would a musician dig deep into his pocket to buy these programmes, only to be made a fool of himself later!!!

My post from this thread: "Extract Audio From Video File" Not Working - Cubase - Steinberg Forums :

I’ve found that some video files don’t have extractable audio (regardless of file format).

I remember seeing it when using the import video dialog. Some videos would have an audio stream, some wouldn’t.
Those with an audio stream would import.
Those that didn’t wouldn’t import (no messages, except that the import progress bar wouldn’t show).

I think that some codecs embed their audio in the video itself, while others just tag on a synced audio stream.

I’d take a look at the video files you’re trying to import in the import video dialog and see if they have any audio streams.

Did you repair Disk Permissions?


Though I understand your frustration, I have to inject some comments on what you are writing, kapil.

You actually communicated with Steinberg, and they treated you in such a manner?

This, I do find very difficult to believe, considering I am also a foreigner (Swedish and American) to the German company, and I have been treated very good, both when living in Sweden and in the United States. I’ve been a customer since the inception of Steinberg.

Pace Communications is apparently the distributor in India. Did you contact them?

Read the last sentence.

I am sorry to say that on Earth, you buy anything at your own risk.

At least you find mercy from elsewhere. Some of us don’t even have that!
(Though I am not complaining at all, merely observing).

Steinberg clearly states who and what they support, and how it works it pretty standard.

I understand Steinberg is on your list, but exactly what are “these companies”?
Also, say “eLicenser” quickly ten times in a row.

Software on a professional level is especially important to research, before spending any money, IMO.
Most companies have trial versions to download for this very reason.

“Software on a professional level is especially important to research, before spending any money, IMO.
Most companies have trial versions to download for this very reason.”

This is an excellent quote and similiar to what I was thinking.

When I have an issue with Cubase 6.5 on my MacBook Pro, I search the web and more often than not, someone else has run into it, found a solution, a fix, or a work around I continue on with the project. And I’m a little smarter for effort.

Try not to become discouraged. I’ve found that Cubase, on the Mac, is an amazing product that will do almost anything you need it to do, but because it is very powerful, it is also very complex.

Do you actually know what you’re doing with a computer and aprofessional level DAW and all that that entails?
Not a criticism. We need to know before we can get even close to advising you.
DAWs are like valuable racehorses and can be unpredictable if the right conditions are not present.

It’s easy to fall into “it’s a computer program and makes life easier” frame of mind but they are like a real studio and do need extensive research and study to use them and which is why colleges have special courses on DAW usage. They require fairly constant maintenance of the host computer to work efficiently.

Like the others who have pointed you in the right direction I’d advise contacting your local support as you’d just end up here unhappily mooching and getting nothing fixed.

I you can post the video, maybe someone can test it for you and see if they can get it to import with audio somehow.