Unknown Crashing with Cubase 11

Cubase is completely unstable for me now and I really don’t know what is causing these crashes. It isn’t a repeatable process that triggers it to crash, it can be completely spontaneous even if I just let a project sit. I can provide more crash logs if necessary but here is the latest one I’ve had.

Thank you!
Cubase 64bit 2020.12.5 (934 KB)


Unfortunately the *.dmp is quite generic. Could you please attach (in a ZIP file) or share via Dropbox (or similar) more of the *.dmp files you have? Thank you.



The crash is somewhere between the following 2 plug-ins. Could you please provide these 2 files, to be able to go deeper in the *.dmp file?

C:\ProgramData\XLN Audio\VST64\XO.dll
Console 1 SSL SL 4000 E-Series Equalizer.ssx
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Softube\SSX\Console 1 SSL SL 4000 E-Series Equalizer.ssx

Could you try to remove the plug-ins (one by one) and test, if Cubase is crashing anyway, please? Thank you