Unknown error in Cubase 6.5.4 (64 bit)

I’ve been updating my system (Windows 7 Professional x64). Every plugin is updated and I’ve been listening to FabFilter Timeless 2 (VST3 64bit) presets and suddenly I get the error captured in the attachment, it happened at least 5 times this morning. The message is

Runtime Error
R6025 - pure virtual function call

And later:

A serious problem has ocurred.

When I search for the Cubase6.Log file I find no such file, not even hidden.

I’m amazed Steinberg hasn’t fixed their own plugin system or any of the other glitches. These are updated plugins that should not crash Cubase in any instance. What’s more, the error dialogue is misinformative, neither Accept nor Cancel buttons do what they say they do. There is no log file and the message appears every time regardless if I press Cancel.
I’ve been told to use jbridge by users in this forum but I believe that if it is your product you should be able to fix it yourselves or maybe integrate jbridge into Cubase like other DAWs. Here, I just googled the error, very easy to do:

Yes I am disappointed. Cubase is a top of the line software that has no safe mode, no proper log file, cryptic messages and far too many work arounds for little glitches. Luckily I just bought another DAW.

I will ask FabFilter about the glitch but even if it is their glitch it should NEVER crash Cubase.

Since Steinberg posted no reply I will proceed to leave the only one. I am still very disappointed.

I got support from FabFilter and they seem to have had the problem before so I sent them what I could to help, they told me where to find the crash dumps. It was very a very fast response from them.
Still, Cubase shouldn never crash when plugins crash, specially very modern VST3 plugins.

hi there! did u ever find out what might have crashed your system? i am getting the same messages without using any 3rd party vst… i am just trying to sidechain with he built in compressor, and get the same message.