Unleash the POWER of...hitpoint midi

—Hitpoint midi routable through audio channel—

1. It would be awesome if audio channels could send midi from hitpoints!

For people who work with real multitracked drums, it’d be incredibly handy. Generate hitpoints for your drums, then do the multitrack slice/quantise from the group edit folder. Then route the midi from the hitpoints for each channel to a sampler vsti loaded with drum samples. Then any subsequent edits of the audio events effortlessly retain the midi/audio alignment, as the hitpoint is embedded in the audio event.

The current method of extracting midi from hitpoints has limitations. As you can only do it from the sample editor, any slicing/quantising of the audio file in the arrange window isn’t accessible from the sample editor. One basically has to bounce the sliced/quantised events to a single wav file, then go through the (often tedious) process of checking hitpoint alignment a second time in the sample editor, then exporting the midi.

The hitpoint midi routing section may need options for setting the note and the dynamic range.

2. Or, an easier option to code might be to incorporate the hitpoint to midi function from the sample editor into the audio/advanced menu of the arrange page. So one would just select the audio events, then export the hitpoints to a new midi track.

3. Additionally, it would be great if, upon bouncing multiple audio events to a new audio file, there was an option to transfer the hitpoints to the new audio file. I spend a lot of time making sure the hitpoints line up exactly with the transients, so it would save me SO much time :slight_smile: