Unlegible name on clear color track.

Hi… After several years without update (since 5.0) I updated to 8.0… So I have a lot to relearn !

I’d like to know how to make track name text dark on clear track color ? Because the text color is always white : on a dark track color or clear track color. And a clear color text on a clear color is impossible to read !
And after searching everywhere in manual / options, I come here to ask for some advice…

Thanks for help !

Well… Nobody could help me ? There must certainly have a feature somewhere to allow Cubase 8 to write dark letters on clear color background & write clear color on dark background… No ? … On Cubase 5 it was like this !

No way, man.

??!! Really !!??

Shhh…t ! It must be an oversight ! I hope Mr Steinberg is going to realize the issue !

I must say it’s very strange to forget to implement this simple feature.