Unlicencing Dorico from machines that are dead

We have 40 machines with Dorico on, four got… well… rained on. These machines have since been replaced but I now need to unlicenced them from the back end, however, I just have a list of 40 machines by, what appears to be, an arbitrary number… this means I have no idea what machines I have to pull the licences from - its going to be a pain to pull and re-do all the machines, is there a way to find out which machines are the last 4 to check in or something like that so I can pull those or do those numbers relate to something on the device that I can work out?




If by “back end” you’re talking about the self-service portal then typically licences are listed by the computer name (unless you’re using an old version of SAM). For example, this is what my Dorico 5 licence looks like in the main listing:


and then the same machine names are listed on the “Deactivate licenses on unavailable computer” page.

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Ours looks ‘similar’ but instead of computer names, I have random strings as the machines names, these machines have proper pc names and that is not the name the machine has or has ever had.

We are using Dorico 4.3 though, which I guess explains the difference to an extent, but I’d still expect a name not a random string.

I’m not sure how to attach an image so I can’t show you.

What version of SAM are you using? The initial SAM releases didn’t use the computer name, but it has been doing so since v1.4.0 I believe. (The version of Dorico itself isn’t relevant.)

Edited to add: I realised after I wrote the above that what is important is not so much what you’re using right now as what you were using when the licence was acquired by the given computer, so this may or may not help. However, if you refresh the licences on the still-intact computers then it may solve the problem.