Unlimited Expression Map Articulations

I’m sorry that there is still a limit to how many articulations you can view in the Expression Map lanes window. This depends on the size of your screen. I must use two monitors with one on top of the other in order to view all of my articulations with one window stretched across two monitors. This is insane and also I frequently have to put it back and stretch it again because I normally have one window per monitor not one window on two monitors. This was the only feature I was hoping for in Cubase and it is missing. Please fix this in an update. How can such a bad problem not be addressed?

I don’t think the person doing the expression maps section really knows what he is doing because look on page 777 of the Cubase 8 manual. Cello is spelled Chello!


First, I just saw the Chello. Wow.

Second, I agree. I need articulations but they kill the screen space. I wish the lane would have a second drop down menu with articulation sets.
“Core Articulations”
“Extended Articulations”

You could put runs, custom articulations, FX, or whatever kind of articulation varieties you use. This way you also only see a small number of articulations on the screen at a time. This would be great!


Anything that makes Expression Maps better is highly appreciated…

Of course, the same person who programs the interface also writes the documentation. The problem comes up because they also have to sweep up and and maintain the plumbing. So please go easy on the poor schlep. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

And +1 for improvements to the expression maps system.

(see http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=198&t=80315 for the OT portion of this thread. :slight_smile: )

They ought to test their products with the leading third party plugins. It’s bad with VSL.

Someone else suggested this a while ago but I really would welcome having the option to have the articulation Lane in a dedicated window and therefore be able to drag that Window onto a dedicated screen! Would be great and I would buy a screen just for that purpose!