Unlink events after duplicating a track

I clicked something accidentally I think because every time I duplicate a track the events get duplicated as well but the events get linked somehow. When I select events of one track they get selected in the other track as well.
Please help me how to undo this


Are the track in a Folder by any chance? Is the Group Editing enabled in the Folder by any chance?

No, the tracks are not in a folder


In which sense are they linked? Do you mean the Volume Fader or rather when moving the Audio Event in the track, please?

Volume fader, solo, mute etc are not linked. Only the events on the time line are linked. When I select event from one track same event gets selected on the other track


Then it really looks like the Group Editing to me.

Could you please attach a screenshot?


This does not work and is also reported. When duplicating a folder with group edit on, group edit will not be enabled on the new folder unfortunately.


Here the use case would be other:

  • Have an Auto Track in a folder with the Group Editing enabled.
  • Duplicate the Audio Track.
    => The Audio Events are linked.