Unlink/Hide Excess Fermatas? (Solved)

I want to hide the bottom fermata in the empty bass clef of the piano. How do I go about doing this? When I click on a fermata, it shows all three as being linked, but I don’t want them all to be linked. I understand this is to go “OK, well, the last note on each instrument would be held” but I actually only want the flute note to be held (the top stave).

Subject to correction by more experienced users, I think the current best solution is to go into engrave mode and drag the unwanted fermata off the printed page.

All three farmatas are linked, and I don’t know how to unlink them. So in engrave mode if I do that it drags all three of them off the page.

In Engrave mode, you should be able to select each fermata independently - but as Dorico treats them as a single entity in Write mode, if you select them in Write then switch to Engrave, all 3 will remain selected.

Dorico’s approach to fermatas is quite elegant in that it automatically ensures all players know about an implied change to the meter (a pause); however, if you specifically only want one, an alternative method is to create a custom playing technique that uses the fermata glyph. You can then input that just on the staves you want.

Thank you, this fixed my problem. That’s also good to know about the custom playing technique.