unlinking linked midi track clips

I just noticed when I selected a midi clip on this one project that another clip gets selected as well a few tracks up. There’s 3 clips in each track, however only 2 of them are selected together in both.
I must have selected something by mistake & can’t figure out what. Is there a midi link feature somewhere?

thanks for the help.

Any fix for this? I just ran into this as well. I have audio tracks linked to midi tracks. Wonder if it’s a bug??

Is it to do with group edit on their containing folder? I sometimes hit the wrong shortcut key and this gets turned on… But I don’t know which key it is :slight_smile: I (un)click the icon on the folder track to fix it.


YES that was it. Didn’t know about group edit! Thanks!

Missed your post. Is there a email notify option somewhere when someone responds?

Anyway I’ll check that out. I ending up bouncing the individual clips in each track to a single track then copying/ pasting the tracks over. They were no longer linked but didn’t see if the folder’s group edit was on/ off.

thanks for the info.

I’ve checked, and the Group Edit default shortcut key is K. It’s next to J which is snap on/of (Jump!), a key that I press rather a lot, hence I occasionally click K by accident…

Personally I always get an email notification when there’s a reply in a topic I’ve made or a topic I’ve replied to already. But here whilst I’m typing I see there’s a ‘Notify me when a reply is posted’ tick box below the big text box, and it’s always automatically ticked for me. Maybe there’s a forum preference you need to select to default it to being ticked? Or maybe just a spurious email gone missing?



Yeah, I see that now…
I have the ‘Subscribe Topic’ box checked, thought that was for the posts notification.

Yeah, subscribe, that’s another way I think. I sometimes press it when I’m not making a reply but I just want to watch the thread out of interest. Well, maybe your notifications are being spam blocked somehow? Check your junk folder perhaps?


Yep, just got one for your post using the ‘notify me’ on message reply.
The ‘Subscribe Link’ doesn’t seem to do anything.

There’s a ‘forum issues’ forum at the top level if you wanted to follow this up…

But I’ve just subscribed to the topic about the vid of 7.0.6, so I’ll see if I get replies OK!

Jeez that was quick, a reply just came in while I was typing this - hot topic obviously… But that tells me it’s working.

Here’s my take, if there’s a tick in the subscribe then you’re not yet subscribed and if there’s a cross in it then you are. Might be that you unsubscribed when you thought you were subscribing? Hover over this button and it tells you what it’ll do if you click it.

Way off topic, sorry :slight_smile:


That’s probably it.
Chances are I’ve got it azz backwards!

Lol …

Thanks ! :slight_smile: