Unloading mixconsole?are you serious?

After closing the project, there will be dozens of seconds displayed in the unloading mixconsole,why???

maybe it is a safer way to close so Cubase won’t crash like in the past? just speculation on my part, but I noticed too that it is kinda “hard” or clumsy to close Cubase 13. I am not excited that it seems we have to go through the Steinberg Hub now for opening and closing - not a very sleek first impression imho.


Is it new in Cubase 13 for you?

The memory has to be freed, all plug-ins have to go out.

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Agreed… Some of these plugins are huge is size so unloading will take time and this is highlighted even more if there is slow Ram present in the system. My guess is @glennloopez is on the right track, i have a few project that crash ramdomly in C12 but in C13 the same projects are holding out. So this must have something to do with the unloading process when the user quits.

yes,in cubase 12,when I close it, it closed quickly ,and The current shutdown of cubase also seems to have become very cumbersome,I should shut shut shut,shut everything,then it shuted

It just crashed while unloading mixconsole right now.lol


It’s not related to the original topic. So I would recommend to make a new thread and attach the DMP/ips file.

I get this issue almost EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME I QUIT CUBASE. I have to force quit Cubase since that damn Unloading MixConsole window doesn’t do anything.

It is possible that some plugins are incompatible.But now it does always easily cruashde


As mentioned already, attach the *.ips/*.dmp file(s), please.

@Janf_Wang @DH1 The info dialogs showing the components unloading from memory is new. It’s likely C13 is doing the same thing as C12, except now you see can watch it.