Unmapped ports and Cubase doesn't work...

I have had no problem up until now…and typically I am on a deadline to submit sessions before a recording date booked…

My USB licencer now slowly glows every time and port I insert it and when cubaes loads its states

Can you help?


PS I have loaded the control centre and ran maintenance for updates. No change

It looks like an audio interface problem. My elicenser has always glowed, I thought it was normal?

I would completely agree – the USB-eLicenser seems to behave perfectly normal.

I’d recommend to create another thread with a title more appropriate to this audio problem, to help other forum users to find your question.

Unless of course he means what he says, and it is actually glowing red hot.


It seems it is not an e-Licenser problem.
You are most likely having problems with the Audio Interface, please read the following Knowledge base article.


I will move this thread to the correct forum, and change the title.

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A complete signature would be nice so that we could see what type of interface you are using. :slight_smile: