Unmapped Ports - too many for my screen

I’m not sure how to solve this one…

I have a large template which has a lot of VEPro midi ports.

Each of my midi tracks (1000+) also had a midi send to an external port which is now unmapped as the port has been deleted.

When I now open my template I get the expected unmapped ports dialogue but when I click to amend the mapping I get all the VEPro midi ports listed, right across the screen - and I can’t scroll any further to the ports that fall off the screen…

Any ideas to solve this one - and map all the unmapped ports to one that appears off the screen would be appreciated.

I don’t fancy going through every single track one by one to remap…

  • Cancel the unmapped ports dialogue
  • Open Mixer
  • Select all Midi channels
  • Qlink all Midi channels
  • Change port assignment for one of the channels
  • Remove Qlink

Thanks but that doesn’t solve the problem - the midi port assignment I want to change is in the midi send of the channel so when you go to select/amend the output to the new port, I still end up with the same flood of channels across my screens as per the image I attached!

That’s odd. When I do the same thing (if we don’t misunderstand each other) I get a window with a search box like in the attached image. Of course I have far from the same amount of ports but as long as you have a search box it wouldn’t be a problem.

I do get the same as you have listed if I open the MIDI out of the send in the inspector in left zone but that is not available in the mixer window, the only way I know to change the midi send channel on there is the send. If I open it there I get the image attached - ie a listing of all the midi channels I have in my template - 700+ channel sends. They completely cover the screen and won’t scroll to the ones that are not shown on the screen.

Image attached again here of my monitors when I click the ,midi send…,

I’m probably misunderstanding what you are trying to do. I thought you wanted to change the midi send port for all you midi tracks at once and you do that with the procedure I described.

The reason why I say that you should open the mixer is to get access to the QLink button. Once all the midi tracks are QLinked, you can change midi send port for one of them in the inspector and the change will be replicated to all QLinked tracks.

I’m trying to remap the midi send in the midi fx send slots - they don’t respond to Q-link amendments - even if I’ve got Q-link on and I change a send in the slot in the inspector, the rest don’t change. Because of the problem shown in the image above there appears to be no other way to change the send in the slot as I can’t access the correct channel off the screen.