Unmix Noisy Speech leaves out chunks of obvious human speech

I really wonder why this happens… Every single time I use the Noisy Speech Unmix I always get bits and chunks of really obvious human speech that is sometimes detected if the file length changes, or will be detected by the likes of Waves Clarity VX or Acon Extract Dialogue. Sometimes the omitted bit (placed in the Noise layer) will be cut off abruptly from a correctly detected bit (placed in the Speech layer). I noticed this behavior with both CPU and GPU processing. My version is 10.0.30

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Can you send me one or two samples that shows such issues ? Either upload it somewhere and PM me, or to contact [at] divideframe [dot] com.

I have the same situation. I am currently able to work with the dropouts, selecting and copying from the Noise layer to a third layer. The unmixing was mostly very good. My main character sounds like himself for a change!