Unmix song with extreme settings.... slow Zzzzzz

I guess it’s okay, if you have an older i7 8700 cpu, and no gfx card :slight_smile:
I might be surprised on the output quality … waiting…

But yes, we want the best :slight_smile:

I’ve selected an older HDD for cache files, will that mean much when we talk “unmix song” time? I can see, that SL caches stuff (might be layers) in the cache folder. But it also takes up 14GB ram, to unmix a 5-6 minutes wav song, with all layers selected, and extreme quality.


For Unmix Song in Extreme quality it’s indeed recommended to have at least 8GB of RAM, specially if you have Sax & Brass checked (it doubles the memory requirements).
Disk speed is unlikely to play a big role. If you want to speed up unmixing, it’s recommended to use a fast dedicated GPU with at least 8GB of VRAM.
Also to know : 11.0.0 does not fully GPU-accelerate Unmix Song, this will likely improve with upcoming patches (if all goes well !).


Thanks Robin,

Memory in no problem in terms on size (32GB). But maybe the mem needs to be much faster, as gfx card mem is.

Anyway, I know my Pc is a bit dated, so I guess I have to build myself a new DAW (with a fast external gfx card).

Nice with the upcoming patch…


There’s definitely a performance issue in V11 even on Fast mode.

V10 demixed to vocal, bass, drum and other in 15 seconds.
V11 demixed to vocal, bass, drum and other in 1:43 minutes

Why is V11 using so much CPU when I’ve enabled CUDA and Nvidia?

I’ve been trying Unmix Song on both my PC (fairly high spec - 13900KF/64GB/RTX4090) and a 2019 Mac Pro. Both are performing fairly similarly, with one odd issue in particular…

Using a 13 minute 96KHz stereo file, at the High setting, it takes 3m:45s to get to 99% and then 14m:13s to actually complete. No idea what it’s doing during that extra time - the CPU/GPU don’t seem to be doing much. Same experience on the Mac Pro. It also happens at the Extreme setting, but takes WAY longer.

SL11 isn’t yet utilizing the 4090 on your PC. A 13 mins song should take about 50 seconds on a 4090 in SL10 using fast settings. On my 3080 I generally think of it as about 3-4 seconds per minute in fast mode, so if I have a 60 minute album I know that’s gonna take around 4 minutes and will work on something else as that runs. Now, that won’t be feasible, 4 minutes will now be almost an hour.

I think there’s possibly a bug. Here’s Bass, Drums + Other demixed in SL10 on top and the same demixed on SL11 with the % hanging bug. Ignoring the time difference it takes SL11, the processing appears to complete at 34 seconds, but doesn’t release the stems to SpectraLayers for another 16 seconds.

I can say that the problem has now been identified on my side, so there should be no more hanging with the upcoming patch.


I was just going to say that today it got even worse.
I was trying to unmix a 4:20 ish track yesterday and it crashed.After restart it took over three minutes to umix it.
Today it hasn’t crashed yet but it took sweet 15+ minutes to unmix 4:36 long track.

I know my PC isn’t stellar [i7-8700K, 32GB RAM, GTX 3090Ti] but that a bit ridiculous, especially when you compare it to SL10 which finishes the same task within seconds.

I really hope for the GPU processing, my 3050 is doing nothing right now, since I don’t play even games.
The quality is best I’ve heard, but it takes 7 minutes on my 7900x and 20 mins with my 4500U on a 4 min track.
All in all, Robin has done remarkable job on spectral editing and separation, and I love the new GUI

Unmixing is very slow even with simple settings and the dialog window is to small to show the progress of the entire unmix process so you don´t see how long it would take till the end.

Anzeige Song entmischen Progress

Speeds should hopefully improve when Robin releases a patch to bring our GPUs into the processing. At the moment the GPU isnt being utilized or is very minimally.

I’m very disappointed in this performance and see this as false advertising if it is not fixed. This YouTube promo video says it takes “about a minute” to unmix a song using Extreme mode on an M1 processor. See this video at this timestamp.

Extreme mode and high-speed unmixing are what was most interesting to me, and I have an M1 based machine. I also have access to a Windows machine with an RTX4070. Both are incredibly slow with Spectralayers 11, taking over 10 minutes to unmix a song. Both perform significantly faster with Spectralayers 10.

I’m most concerned that there was a comment in another thread indicating “if” GPU support will be implemented. I expected it to be working already when I saw the above video and decided to upgrade because of it.

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@take3 the video is not lying, look at the timeline : it’s only a 10 seconds sample processed in Extreme mode - it should actually take less than a minute to unmix those 10 seconds actually.

That being said, I can tell you that full GPU support for Unmix Song is now working with the upcoming patch :slight_smile:
It now takes 53 sec to unmix a 3min song in Extreme mode (without Sax & Brass) on my RTX 3090, or 16 sec in High mode.
With Sax & Brass included, it takes 73 sec in Extreme mode, and 20 sec in High Mode.


Robin, I see that you are suggesting 16G of VRAM. A 12G AMD card cost is $375 US, and a 16G AMD card is $480 US. Both cards use DDR6 RAM.

My current (and dated) video card is 4G using DDR5 RAM and it can get the SL11 work done, not in 10 seconds, no, but it works. As I understand things, right now the GPU (even if selected in SL) doesn’t actually do all the computing work, but it shares this burden with the CPU. Correct? I have to ask the question then, when SL is updated, will the GPU ever completely take over all the work tasks in SL? Or will the load still be shared with the CPU? Last question, seeing that my 4G of DDR5 RAM is performing OK, do you think 16G of DDR6 will perform that much better than 12G of DDR6? Also do you think it be wise to wait for the GPU patch before purchasing a new video card? Thanks.

For current models 8gb should be enough, but for future and efficiency bigger the better

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Hi @mr.roos I just updated my message after doing some new estimations, only 8GB is required for Unmix Song to fully work on GPU with the upcoming patch.

That being said, if your 4GB GPU could handle Unmix Song fine in SL10, there’s a slight chance it would work fine in SL11 too if you leave Sax & Brass unchecked. I would not recommend using a 4GB GPU, but if you’re short on budget you can of course wait for the actual patch to be published to make sure a newer GPU is really needed for you.

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Thanks Robin, I’ll wait a bit. :slight_smile:

@Robin_Lobel thank you, that is great news. Looking forward to the patch.

Will GPU acceleration come to the Mac? I have a 32GB Radeon Pro Vega II which is not currently being used by Spectralayers.