Unmix Vocals function crashes my computer

I’m using the version that is included at Cubase 11.
The standalone application works in general. All fine. Except:
The function Unmix Vocals crashes my computer like a hard reset. I never had a crash like this before.
No matter what material I use. All end with an immediate restart of the computer.
The progress bar shows 0% -> bang.
Any ideas?

19:22:23.355 3b10 INFO C:\Program Files\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 7\Win64\SpectraLayers.exe
19:22:23.355 3b10 INFO auto-detected folder: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 7\Win64
19:22:23.361 3b10 INFO early init done
19:22:23.365 3b10 INFO creating app…
19:22:23.419 3b10 INFO loading properties…
19:22:25.306 3b10 INFO session SpectraLayers 2020.11.12- started - slo7srv
19:22:25.306 3b10 INFO SpectraLayers One 7.0.20 Build 249 (x64 - Qt 5.15.1 - qtnamespace: SpectraLayers - qtlibinfix: SL - dynamic opengl - MSVC 1916)
19:22:25.582 3b10 INFO OS: Windows 10 Version 2004 (Kernel: 10.0.19041) (de_CH)
19:22:25.582 3b10 INFO CPU: 16 threads (AVX2)
19:22:25.582 3b10 INFO RAM: 32 GB
19:22:25.582 3b10 INFO HDD: 428 GB (282 GB free)
19:22:25.583 3b10 INFO SCR0: 1680x1050x32@59Hz (device pixel ratio: 1) (primary)
19:22:25.583 3b10 INFO SCR1: 1920x1080x32@60Hz (device pixel ratio: 1)
19:22:25.583 3b10 INFO SCR2: 1920x1080x32@60Hz (device pixel ratio: 1)
19:22:25.797 3b10 INFO creating window…
19:22:25.819 3b10 INFO loading plugins…
19:22:26.929 3b10 INFO 9 plugins loaded
19:22:26.929 3b10 INFO initializing UI…
19:22:26.998 3b10 INFO layout and graphic objects initialized
19:22:27.028 3b10 INFO setting shortcuts and properties
19:22:27.150 3b10 INFO UI initialized
19:22:27.162 3b10 INFO Ready
19:22:27.191 3b10 INFO Show
19:22:27.191 3b10 INFO dll directory set to: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 7\Win64
19:22:27.233 391c INFO checking WASAPI…
19:22:27.239 391c INFO scanning 3 devices…
19:22:27.250 391c INFO BIG KNOB STUDIO+ 1-2 (BIG KNOB STUDIO+) (0/2 channels, 44100 Hz) (default output)
19:22:27.257 391c INFO Realtek Digital Output (Realtek® Audio) (0/2 channels, 48000 Hz)
19:22:27.265 391c INFO Line (BIG KNOB STUDIO+) (2/0 channels, 44100 Hz) (default input)
19:22:27.267 3b10 INFO I/O: WASAPI (Default System Input/Default System Output)
19:22:54.982 3b10 INFO importing: E:/Projekte/Bang/Audio/Vox Part 3.wav
19:22:54.982 3b10 INFO session path: C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 7.0\Cache
19:22:54.982 3b10 INFO providing path: C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 7.0\Cache\layer(1bde7383).pcm
19:22:55.072 3b10 INFO Read Vox Part 3.wav SamplingFormat(Real, 44100Hz, Audio, 2 channel(s), mapping: 11) 364386 samples, 24 bits int )
19:22:55.080 391c INFO Project Samplerate: 44100Hz Device Samplerate: 44100Hz
19:22:55.163 3b10 INFO GPU: Google Inc. / ANGLE (Intel® UHD Graphics 630 Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0)
19:22:55.163 3b10 INFO OGL: OpenGL ES 3.0 (ANGLE / OpenGL ES GLSL ES 3.00 (ANGLE / OpenGL ES 3 . 0 Core

This happens to me as well… Did you ever get an answer to this?

@MarcoE there are a couple threads about this issue, it’s related to a lack of CPU voltage. You can hopefully fix this in the BIOS settings, here are different solutions that users found so far to fix it:
For most, switching from custom CPU settings to Auto fixed the issue.
For others, it was disabling “Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology”.
And for others, increasing the CPU Voltage to 1.3.
Someone also replaced his PSU by a stronger one.

Hey Robin, thanks for this information. I’m aware of the issue and I know that my combination of CPU and MainBoard is not ideal as well. I didn’t change any CPU settings yet. I have it running on auto settings. No overclock or similar. My PSU is capable. It is quite a hassle and try&error to identify the setting that stops my motherboard from dropping the voltage when fully utilizing all cores instantly . Also the capacitors on my MainBoard could be the limiting factor. Unfortunately this error results in a complete stop and I fear to destroy my windows installation while testing different settings. Yes, I have recent backups…but it is a lot of effort for a feature I don’t rely on and no other software is causing this effect. My audio system works rock solid apart from this very special issue. Long story short: I know what to do/try to solve it, but I didn’t find time/need to do so. But my best bet is to switch to a “proper” MotherBoard for my CPU. Thanks anyhow!