Unmute folder unmutes all tracks including the muted before.

Hi, is it me or something is changed recently with mute button for folder?

for instance:

  • I have folder track with vocals
  • I muted some vocal track normally, because I don’t need it now
  • when I hit mute on folder and unmute it again - it also unmutes the track I muted before.

Is it normal? As I can remember I did it 1000 times and never got this issue.



I would say, this is normal. Mute of folder Unmute all Mutes in the folder. Would you expect that this should Unmute only those Mute which where Muted by the folder Mute?

hi Martin,

yes, I’m pretty sure it worked that way. For example: let’s say I have some track that I’m not sure if it will fit the song. So I mute it by clicking mute on this channel. Then, I decide to listen song without vocals so I mute folder for a second. Then I unmute the folder so I can again hear all the vocals, but I still want this unwanted track to be muted. If I remember correctly, it has been working earlier.