Unmuting Stereo Out Unmutes All Tracks

This is driving me bonkers, I have muted all but one track in a project, if I mute and then unmute the Stereo Out, every muted track gets unmuted. Why’s that? Maybe I have set some weird option by mistake?

Thanks for any help.

Well… what do you expect that should happen when you unmute the master?
It’s exactly as it should be.

I remember getting bummed that all my carefully crafted individual track mute/solo states would be lost by toggling the Master mute/solo button.

A few of ways to not lose your when you kill the output of your project:

  1. Bring your hardware volume down to zero if you have one within reach
  2. Turn your Control Room volume knob down to zero, if you are using Control Room. (If you’re not and haven’t considered doing so, I highly recommend you do!)
  3. Drag your Master out volume fader to zero.
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No, I expect that when I unmute the master out, I unmute the master out, not other tracks that were already muted. Why should it unmute other tracks, that’s like saying if I turn off my speakers and then turn them on again, every bit of gear I have turns on - it makes no sense.