Unnecessary Flow title displaying

Hello Dorico users
One of the things I love about Dorico is how you can keep separate score in the one file, and they all look quite independent. For instance, I can have one flow for the orch score, another for the vocal score, another for the treble voices. It’s great.
But today I’m having a little problem. This file contains vocal (Flow 1) and strings score (Flow 2) in two separate flows.
The orch score (Flow 2) displays fine. You wouldn’t think any other score existed in the same file.
Not so with the vocal score. For some reason, it displays the heading of Strings Flow 2 at the end. This pic should explain the setup, I think.

Can anyone say why this is, please, and how I can get rid of the extra heading and blank page?

If this is all the same music, to be performed at the same time, then you should put it all in one flow.

Then, in the Layout, you can select which Players are used for each Layout.

Yes, if these are all different parts inside the same piece of music, put them all in the same flow and then change which players appear in each layout to control your performance materials. “Vocal score” vs “Orchestra score” really are layouts, rather than separate spans of music.

As to why you’ve got an errant title in the vocal score: you’ve probably got a page override, denoted by a coloured marking on that page in the right panel in Engrave mode. Remove the override to remove the page.

How did you enter your titles – directly on pages, or in Project Info (which updates the information Dorico refers to using tokens)?

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Yes, thank you. I understand that, and I often do that. But this time I want to keep the Flows absolutely independent of one another. There are various reasons, including that I don’t want the orch intro to show in the vocal score. Another reason why I often do this is because the vocal score has repeats, but the orch score is through-composed, verse by verse.
So is there a way to switch off the blank header in p. 3 of the vocal score?

As always, it’s hard to see what’s going on with just a screenshot. At the very least, a screenshot of Engrave mode, showing the Pages panel might help.

Layout Options might also be a factor.

In this situation, simply untick all the orchestral players from the vocal score layout: they won’t appear in the vocal score in any shape or form.

Ah well in that case fair enough :smiley:

Have you checked for coloured markings in the right panel in Engrave mode, as I mentioned in my previous reply? If there is one, remove it by right-clicking it and choosing to remove the corresponding override (see the page linked in my previous reply for descriptions of the different markings and which override they correspond to).

Hello Lillie, Thank you. I didn’t see your first note about page overrides. Sorry. Yes, that was it. There was a “green bar” override and a red one. When I removed them, it was all fine.
When I say

I don’t want the orch intro to show in the vocal score

What I mean is that I’d prefer not to see the empty bars rest of the orch intro in the vocal score. I like the vocal score to look like a vocal (beginning with the voices) and not like an orch part. It would be nice if Dorico had a way to hide empty bars of intro.

Won’t the choir start singing in the introduction? :rofl:
Most vocal scores have a reduction of the instrumental parts, so the choir know what’s going on, at least.

If you insist on not showing the introduction (although, as a long time chorister, I agree with Ben here), you could put it in a separate flow and not show that flow in the piano/vocal score.

Flows can be set to play without a break in between, although any notes tied from one flow to the next would have to be be cut off.

Thanks for the advice. Some scores, I like intro. Some I don’t. And when a vocal score has repeats and the instrumental score varies significantly, then I need two separate scores in separate flows.
But thanks to la belle Lillie, I sorted out the problem and my Vocal and Orch scores are now displaying independently.