Unpitched Percussion playback

Hello there, how do we implement playback for miscellaneous unpitched percussion instruments? For example, in this score I’m working on, I have two separate single-line staves for gong and mark tree.

As it happens, I know there is a mark tree sound patch in the HALion Sonic SE (GM[129], MIDI note 84.)

I also know that there is a mark tree sound in one of the included Percussion Maps (Yamaha XG, which also corresponds to MIDI note 84).

The thing is, how do I tell Dorico to play that particular sound? Seeing as there’s only one possible note pitch you can input on a single-line stave.

The basic procedure is this:

  1. Give a particular unpitched percussion instrument to your player; there’s no mark tree at the moment, so choose something else (you can change its name using the Edit Names dialog in Setup mode).
  2. In Play > Percussion Maps, create a new percussion map that contains only the necessary note, e.g. MIDI note 84, and assign it to the ‘Natural’ technique for whichever percussion instrument you chose in step 1.
  3. In Play mode, load the desired patch into the appropriate channel in HSSE, and then in the Endpoint Setup dialog, choose the percussion map you created in step 2.
  4. Finally, also in Play mode, find the instrument you created in step 1 and manually point it at the channel into which you loaded the patch containing the mark tree sound in step 3.