Unpredictable lanes

Hi, I just upgraded from Elements to Artist and I’m confused with how the lanes funtion works.

In one project (created while I was still on Elements) I have five takes of acoustic guitar (ie “audio events”) recorded with a soft guitar pick on one track, and five more recorded with a hard pick on a different track. When I press “show lanes” on the soft pick track, Cubase arranges the five takes neatly underneath each other on five separate lanes. But when I do same on the hard pick track, only two lanes are created, and Cubase just dumps all five takes on the first lane while leaving the other empty.

Likewise, when I hit “show lanes” on tracks with sliced up (“comped”) audio, sometimes Cubase lines all the little events up neatly on separate lanes according to their name/number, but other times it just dumps a copy of the comped audio on one lane and leaves a second lane empty.

Does anyone have any idea which setting(s) in my projects might be causing this inconsistency? I have tried creating a new project in Artist and importing some audio to check the lane behaviour, and in that project too the lanes didn’t work (ie Cubase just dumped 5 audio events on one lane), so the problem doesn’t seem to be related to the fact that my projects were created in Elements.


It depends if you recorded them in one go (in Cycle) or if you stopped the record and started again.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that can’t be the case, because I recorded all the audio the same way and I haven’t gotten around to using cycle recording at all yet - instead I just just hit record and stop manually.

Can you post a screenshot showing this?


The track named AkustiskBlød contains several audio files just like the one named AkustiskHårdFlyder, but as you can see, Cubase is handling them quite differently.

You may notice that the audio events on AkustiskBlød start at bar 3 or 4, where the ones on the other track start at bar 0, but I have tried moving them to bar 0, and that doesn’t change anything. I’ve also wondered if it might be a question of how the files are named, but the two sets of files are named according to the same principle (and named by Cubase itself), so I don’t see why that would affect the Lanes function.

That is strange looking for sure. According to the version comparison chart, Comping is only in Artist/Pro so maybe that’s the cause. I’d try creating a New Project & using Import Tracks From Project to pull them into it.

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