Unpredictable stability

Sometimes C8 will be totally stable, other times it will have some issue every 15mins.

The weird thing I noticed today was that in a session which was crashing/spiking/freezing every 15mins about 6 hours ago is now 6 hours in without issue. The weird thing is i’ve not changed any settings or been adding any new tracks or plugins. All i’ve been doing is arranging parts I already recorded and mixing with the inserts already in place. How can this morning be so bad but this afternoon be so perfect?

That said, when I just bounced the track I got a problem i’d never seen before. The Audio Export Mixdown was frozen, but task manager wasn’t telling me anything wasn’t responsive. The problem remain after a restart of C8. Only a restart of the computer fixed the issue. :confused:

Is anyone else getting this kind of unpredictable stability?

Yeah I have strange situations like this also… fine for a while then crash city… especially opening multiple folders at once. sometimes all audio will stop, cpu will go to 0% and memory will stay the same, sometimes it comes back, sometimes not…

I’ve been using Cubase for a very long time and recently went from 5 to 8.
This is the most frustrating version I’ve ever used and am almost ready
to abandon it because of the same issues you mention here.

Run Windows memory diagnostic or memtest86 to make sure there isn’t a RAM issue. I had issues with cubse 8 freezing etc but once I fixed my RAM its been OK so far. Knock on wood…there are still issues with c8 though that I still have after fixing my RAM.

I tried that recently in relation to problem with another app, but it appeared there was no RAM issue.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Glad to know I’m not the only one. There’s something at play here. It might even be Windows or graphics driver, rather than Steinberg. I hope it gets fixed asap.

Trash preferences?