unregister elicenser

I’m having to re-install Cubase because the original computer that I was using is not functional. I originally registered Cubase 6 with a different account from the one that I registed eLicenser with and I can’t get the software to re-activate on the new PC that I have setup. Any help would be appreciated.

You don’t need to “re-activate on the new PC”. The license is on the dongle.

When you open the eLCC, does your USB-eLicenser with your Cubase 6 license show up?

What exactly is the problem? Does Cubase work?

Thank you for the response. I should have put in more details with my original post. My son originally bought a Yamaha Audiogram6 that came with Cubase LE AI6. He registered the program under his own account here on Steinberg and everything worked fine until this past week. He saw where he could upgrade the software to Cubase Elements 7 which gave him some additional features that he was looking for. We purchased and downloaded the new version of Cubase and installed it on the original PC. Everything seemed to work fine, except that after we installed it, some other software that he uses (Reason’s Essentials) quit working properly. Long story short, I’ve been wanting to redo the PC that he had the software on, but I didn’t want to format it and do it right now. I have another computer that I thought I would go ahead and install all of the software that he needed on it, including Cubase. I have Cubase LE AI6 installed, but it’s installed in the demo/trial mode because I’m unable to get the original code that he had for the old computer to work on this new computer. I can’t install Cubase Elements 7 installed because Cubase 6 isn’t enabled correctly. I tried going through the “re-activation” process, but that is where I get stuck. The eLicenser is registered under a different account than the Cubase LE AI6. It’s kind of a mess and not sure how to fix it so that I can use either the old software or the new, but especially the new version.

Wow, that’s not the response I was expecting :confused:

Anyway …

This has nothing to do with re-installing Cubase 6? :open_mouth:

Quit saying “Cubase 6” if you mean Cubase “LE AI 6”. Cubase Elements/AI/LE is capable of using the Soft-eLicenser instead of the USB-eLicenser. I’m assuming this is what you are dealing with?

You need to authorize “LE AI 6” (if you are using the Soft-eLicenser) before you enter your Elements 7 activation code.

The Elements 7 code needs to “see” the “LE AI 6” registration in order to be validated.

Meaning … Cubase “LE AI 6” needs to be authorized (or “re”-authorized) before the Elements 7 code will be accepted.

If you can’t accomplish that due to confusion over MySteinberg accounts and email addresses, it sounds like a case for official support (through your MySteinberg account - or your son’s, hard telling).

Again, thanks for the reply and I’m thinking that you are correct on my next course of action. I’m usually pretty good at figuring things out, but this one is stumping me. I understand the licensing issues, but it sure makes it a pain when you have to redo it.

You’re welcome.

Yes, the Soft-eLicenser is more of an involved process to re-activate than if you had a USB-eLicenser. With the USB-eLicenser the license is stored permanently on the dongle. You just re-install your software, plug it in, and you are ready to go.

I’m still not completely clear on your situation. Can your son get into his MySteinberg account? Does the previously registered Soft-eLicenser show up there? If so, just follow the steps for “Activation & Reactivation”.