Ur22c midiclock works perfect with my desktop pc… So the problem is cubasis 3…

Hello. I‘m using cubasis 2 and there was the problem that i can not use the Midi clock when i just play an audio loop in Cycle Mode. After the First loop cubasis lost the timeing with my external gear! Is this problem with cubasis 3 now fixed?

  • Can i upgrade cubasis 2?

  • Does cubasis 3 work together with Audiobus?

  • Can i import my Songs from cubasis 2?

Hi Markus-k,

Thank you for your message.

We are unaware of any Cubasis 3 MIDI clock issues.

Apple does not offer app upgrade options similar to what we know and have in the desktop market.
Nevertheless, we will try to work out feasible options for the near future.

Cubasis 3 allows to import Cubasis 2 projects.


“We are unaware of any Cubasis 3 MIDI clock issues.”

Ups Sry… Still have the problem… With a working interface of you… That works not with cubasis 3… But works with normal cubase on windows… Any news?

Hello again
I have another question. I use the Upgraded Cubasis Le to cubasis 2. I have rode that i‘m Not able to import my purchases to cubasis 3? Isn‘t it? :open_mouth:

Hi Markus-k,

This will be possible with the upcoming update releases at the end of this month. Please watch out for our release announcements.


Good News for Lars, the Problem is for the Hardware guys of Steinberg :smiley:

Downloaded Garage Band (puh…awful) same problem, no midiclock… so the UR22C has a problem with ipads… :roll_eyes::neutral_face:

Hi maximilianm,

Please post your issue in the hardware section.