unresponsive keyboard related to montage/edit/plug ins

very happy to see the new update… and it fixed the “last saved folder” bug that was annoying me… thank you!

however, i’m still getting one particular, oft-happening problem… that i’ve had since 9.0… i mentioned it i think a while back but never followed up with it… but seeing as its still happening i figure i’d mention it again.

i don’t know the EXACT order of things, if it makes a difference on this… but this is what happens:

  • have a montage open
  • edit one of the tracks with “edit source”
  • opens up in a new tab
  • process the edited file with a plug in
  • clear the plug ins

at this point, about 505 of the time, my keyboard becomes unresponsive. i can’t use the keyboard command for SAVE or CLOSE, or the spacebar to start and stop audio… basically, no keyboard commands work…

until about 30 seconds later… if i just wait… then it all comes back to normal.

it’s not a huge deal, but it happens often and i figured someone else may be experiencing it, too. the fact that it doesn’t happen 100% of the time probably makes it hard to pinpoint.

i’m not sure at what point in my steps above the keyboard becomes inactive… like… is it after i process the audio? or after i clear the plug ins? sometimes it seems to be both… is it only when a montage is also open? i think so…

i can try to change the order of my habits of steps above to see if the problem goes away or not to try to zero in on it…

or, maybe this is known already…

but thought i’d mention it.

Mac or Windows?
If you click somewhere in WaveLab, does the keyboard work again?


no, clicking doesn’t seem to fix it… i’ll click to menus or PLAY, when the keyboard fails, just so i can keep working, but it doesn’t fix the keyboard…

as far as i can tell only time does! but i haven’t tried to notice if a certain trigger brings the keyboard back.

but i can confirm it’s not:

  • clicking or playing
  • switching from the waveform edit to the montage or back

as i regularly do those while the keyboard is out…