Unselectable no-head noteheads


I use the no-head notehead quite often in my work, and have come across several issues with selecting them.
One example is that selecting a longer passage that contains these headless stems, by clicking in an empty portion of a bar for instance, selects everything except these notes. So pressing delete will erase everything but leave them in place. The only way to select them is by individually clicking on their stems, or if they are beamed then on the beam. You can’t even select a range of headless notes by clicking a stem and then shift-clicking another stem at the end of your selection - it will only keep the first stem selected. The only way to edit multiple (unconnected-by-beams) of these notes is by individually command-clicking.
Another issue is that there is no visual indication of a headless note being selected. I know its the heads that turn orange, and there ain’t no heads in this case, but surly there could be a way to show a selection?


I made no-head noteheads by changing their color to transparent. Then, when I click an empty part of the bar, all the noteheads appear, and it’s easy to edit.

Thanks - great solution!