Calling those who know best - :nerd: Geeks, :ugeek: Guru’s and those who wear their :wink: “thinking caps” or can :wink: “split” the atom!

It’s been almost a year now, and the status remains…

:arrow_right: If I automate a channel panner (that is “linked” to its “Send Routing Panner” (in order to follow the channel panner)), the “Send Routing Panner” does not follow the channel panner!
:unamused: Why!? (In “Preferences”, I have engaged that the “Send Routing Panner follows the Channel Panner as Default”.)

:arrow_right: Therefore, I now have to automate the Send Routing Panner seperately. :unamused: What is the use of the “Linked Send Routing Panner” then, if you cannot automate the Channel Panner and have the Send Routing Panner follow it “automatically”.

I had this problem in Cubase 5, and after a clean installation, it remains in Cubase 6.5.

:bulb: Your experience and insight are always appreciated.