Unstable handling of VSTi's?

Had a weird problem tonight with VSTi’s. I was in the setup stages, browsing around the various Virtual Instruments I have, and trying some of Cubases native ones as well. So I was loading and unloading them. I thought it would be easier to keep the midi track assigned to the instrument, and load another VSTi in the same VST Instruments slot without unloading the other first.

This seemed to work… but then I went back to the midi track, and assigned it the new VSTi. Complete freeze. I had to ctrl alt delete to get out of it. What’s worse, when re-opening, it took almost 5 minutes to load, first giving me an error that BFD2 crashed. And this was really weird, because BFD2 was set in a slot early on, and not touched, since I use it quite a bit. It was other slots that I was making these changes with. Until this, BFD2 has been really stable, with reasonable CPU usage (between 5-10% loosely estimated).

I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but a few days ago, I removed a midi track from an active VSTi, and also had a freeze. So I’m beginning to wonder if there is something screwy going on there. Has anyone else had a problem like this?

(The best way to test).

  1. Add a VSTi and let it create a midi track.
  2. Don’t unload the VSTi in the Virtual Instruments, just replace the old one with the new one.
  3. Go to the midi track and assign it the new midi instrument?

Does anything goofy happen?