Unstable Mixer PlugIn Section

Hey guys,
it’s not really criticism because I love your work, but for me the whole PlugIn / Mixer Section makes the most un-stable impression of the whole software.

just a few points:

  • sometimes if you scroll over the wrong part of the play window, the instrument-plugIns are changed randomly - just because you moved with the mouse over it (you didn’t click or anything) — that shouldn’t happen
  • today odd things happend - I loaded the ‘Play’ PlugIn of EW and when I wanted to open the PlugIn interface the ‘HSSE’ AND the ‘Play’ interface opened up…I mean all other windows are closed, I click on my ‘Play’ PlugIn and I get 2 PlugIn interfaces PLUS I get 2 channel strips in my mixer.
    The strange name ‘HSSE MAIN’ for Alto I (although I assigned the ‘Play’ PlugIn) and just to the right of that, I get a 1/2 channel strip, which is not assigned and should be assigned to the ‘Play’ PlugIn.
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-12 um 11.34.39.png
    Bottom line: I get 2 channel strips and 2 different PlugIn interfaces for 1 !!! PlugIn

I closed the 2 interfaces, I wanted to throw the ‘PlugIn-Strip’ into the trash (which is not possible anymore in Dorico3 - it stays, just with no PlugIn loaded), I reloaded ‘Play’ into the PlugIn strip and now the mixer shows the right thing: ‘Alto II 1/2’ but on the right side of it there is still remaining a 1/2 channel strip which is assigned to nothing and there is no reason, why it should be there. I can’t delete it, I double-checked everything, there is nothing assigned to this channel strip…it’s so to say a ‘fictive channel strip’
Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-12 um 11.50.10.png

You would need to delete the empty entry in the VST Instruments panel to remove the additional pair of outputs in the Mixer, I believe.

We know that at the moment the pop-up menu buttons in the track header and in the VST Instruments panel can respond to the mouse wheel, which is the default behaviour of such controls in Qt (they seem to think it’s a useful default, though I usually don’t agree). We do plan to disable this in due course.

Thanx Daniel…I tried but it didn’t solve the problem.

BTW: did you know that deleting empty VST entries is only possible, if they are at the bottom of the chain?
If you try it with an entry in the middle, the VST is deleted, but the entry is still existent.

Another thing to examine: Try to leave a PlugIn interface (e.x. of EW) open, remove the PlugIn entry (somewhere in the middle of the chain). Like I said, the entry will not fully be removed (only the PlugIn). Now load a HSSE into the entry. It happened here now, that in 1 entry, 2 PlugIn interfaces survived beside each other (like I described in my first post)…that’s why the mixer creates the extra channel-strip and that’s why the channel-strip can’t be removed. There are some very strange things happening in the background of the programme.
Honestly I think there is still some work to do :wink:

Anymore help here?
I don’t get rid of my extra channel strips. I erased ALL Plug-Ins and created them again. And again, from PlugIn number 7 onwards, I get extra channel strips. Let’s say I put ‘soprano’ in plugIn slot number 7. I get 2 channel strips, both with out ‘stereo 1/2’. Sometimes the track corresponding to ‘soprano’ plays back out of the first stereo 1/2 channel strip, sometimes out of the second stereo 1/2 channel strip. No control at all possible - especially not for dynamics.

Further on, I get this strange thing:

There is NOTHING, but really nothing assigned to midi channel 4 - why does it show ‘Lead’ for midi-channel 4???!!!

Everybody sing along now…

Please attach a project if you want us to help; pictures are nice to look at, but usually don’t allow us to diagnose these kinds of project-specific problems.

Too bad you cannot display that link in Red Boldface type. :laughing:

I did send it to Paul in a PM this morning after I posted the post — because the ZIP was too big and because I think he is busy with the mixing section - I hope this was ok?