Unsupported Software

I have installed Wavelab 11 Elements.
My machine is running Windows 10 version 1809
When i open Wavelab i get the message :-
You are using an unsupported operating system version. Therefore some functions
of Wavelab Elements might not work.
Please consider updating to a supported operating system version. Refer to the system requirements for Wavelab Elements by visiting Steinberg.net

So, before i run off to Windows 11 can anyone tell me which are the functions that will not work.

You can use Win10… but it has to be at least 20H2.

Thanks. I’ve stuck with Windows 10 1809 because when Windows went to 1903 and since then we have the latency issues.
I’m wondering if anyone at Steinberg can tell me what wont work.

This is not a question of “what won’t work” - it’s a question of the OS version being supported by Microsoft - v1809 was end of life as of May 11, 2021:

Windows 10, versions 1803 and 1809 end of servicing (Education and Enterprise) - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs

Steinberg has a policy just like all other developers to support (in lock step) only those versions of Windows 10 that are current AND backed by Microsoft. Once a version of Win 10 goes dark per Microsoft - support goes dark across the board.

You cannot expect Steinberg to support an OS if the creator of that OS says it’s not supported (Microsoft)

Not sure what latency items you are worried about either. I have been on 21H2 for months now and things cannot run any faster on my DAW.

And you would be well advised to stay far away from Windows 11 right now as well - that is a whole other level of pain when it comes to support in a DAW environment.




Thanks VP
Im re-installing when i get a chance to a newer version of OS. 21H2 seems favourable.