Unusual instruments

No urgency to this, but just wondered after having to prepare a score with Bass Flugel horns (Fiscorns) in C how to make them and other unusual request instruments?
I couldn’t find it in the ‘add player’ brass instruments drop-down menu so ended up using a tuba and renaming it as Fiscorn.
Also, on the job I was doing, it wanted other brass instruments scored in C that are normally in Bb - again missing from the drop-down.
Just wondered, is there any way to add these instruments for future use and have them in the menu?
I use NotePerformer and wondered if this was a Dorico or a NP issue for me?
Thanks Pete

The Dorico Team has said that this capability is in their plans, but AFAIK no actual implementation date for it has been announced.

Thank you

You can always use another instrument with a similar sound and rename it; and or change the transposition in the Layout; then save that project as a template.

(Or, I believe you can even change the default names of instruments, so if you can find an instrument you never use, you can permanently rename it.)

I added a basic walkthrough on how to add a custom instrument here. That specific case was for a 0-line instrument, but you can obviously make the appropriate edits to create a Bass Flugel instrument. Definitely back up your files before editing though!

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Brilliant - thanks Fred

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Hi @FredGUnn,
That’s a really nice tutorial by you! :slight_smile:
Would be great if the Team implement an Instrument Editor into the UI, which will allow us to create custom instruments and define their transposition, staff lines, category of instruments, number of strings (for Tabs) and sounding range. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,