Unusual start up behaviour

I’ve been working on a project since 1.1 was launched so it’s now a reasonable size. Twice today when I have tried to open the project Cubasis has given me a warning message and opened a new project template instead. I presume that this is programmed behavior to stop Cubasis continually trying to open a corrupt project file?

Interestingly however once Cubasis is open I can load the project from the media browser…

I thought that I might be short on memory but its happened when I have no other Apps open.

I’ve saved a snapshot but I’m getting a little worried that Cubasis will crash and take some of my file swith it :astonished:

Any thoughts anyone?


thanks for your report.

Yes, you are absolutely right. We added a protection mechanisms that prevents Cubasis from trying to open a corrupted project again and again and, thus, rendering the complete application broken.

However, the behavior that you are describing seems to indicate that this switch does not work as it should. If you want, you can send me a project file via a PM and we can see whether we are able to locate your issue.

Kind regards,

Frieder, as someone who had to reinstall 1.0 three times when it couldn’t open a project, I have no complaints with the safety first approach!

I’ve found that the last three Audiobus recordings were no longer referring to the correct wave files, the audio appearing to have been corrupted in some way. I’ve deleted them and imported the originals from the trash and so I haven’t lost anything. The project however still fails to open every time when I open Cubasis, but so far always loads from the media manager.

Not ideal but a lot better than a crash and wipe out and I can live with this if it gets me to the end of the project!