Unwanted changes of pitch when using key editor

When I adjust note duration using the Read Mode key editor I often end up moving the cursor vertically enough to result in unintended changes of pitch. Being more careful is obviously in order but I wonder if others have the same difficulty and have perhaps discovered ways of minimizing this possibility.

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Sorry, Mike, I find your description of the problem a bit hard to parse. Read view is only a feature of Dorico for iPad, but you can’t use the Key Editor in Read view. So I guess that’s not what you mean. Can you say a bit more about what you do mean?

Sorry for the confusion! I should have referred to the key editor in Dorico 4.2’s Write Mode on Mac OS 12, Monterey. I don’t often use Dorico for iPad but find the same problem is even more troublesome there based on the small screen size on my “standard-size” 8th generation iPad.

So are you finding that you’re getting unexpected changes of pitch simply from clicking on a note to select it, or something else?

This is exactly what happens to me occasionally when I’m “in the flow” and under Windows 10 - That’s why I prefer to use the properties window in the lower zone.

Instead of changing the duration of the note played, the note is inadvertently shifted several steps up and the image area is scrolled accordingly - as the operator says - this already happens if you use the mouse a little too quickly.

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The problem comes when I am using the key editor’s piano roll to adjust the playback duration of notes without changing their notated duration or pitch. I’m uncertain if the vertical change in pitch happens as soon as I click the note but suspect it happens after I attempt to drag the right end to reduce or lengthen its playback duration. It is both unexpected and unwanted when it happens and because I find like @_derBertram that the pitch seems to regularly move up rather than down, I assume I might have unintentionally moved the cursor slightly upward in a vertical direction. One thing that is strange, though, is that the pitch changes quickly and in larger amounts than would be consistent with any very small, unintended vertical cursor movement on my part.

Right, I think I now understand. We are planning to make some changes such that when you are changing the duration of the note, it won’t change its pitch, and vice versa. We hope to have these changes implemented for the next update.

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That’s great news. Thanks to you and the rest of the team for your efforts!