Unwanted clef

I need to eliminate the bass clef in the second ending. Properties Panel>Clef>Hide doesn’t work as expected and simply deletes the clef so the notes go into the treble clef.

I read about inputting an “invisible clef”, but can’t figure out how to make that bass clef invisible. When I select the clef and type in the popover “invisible”, the clef is deleted, not made invisible. Help…

Now I notice that “invisible” makes the clef at the beginning of the next system invisible. Hmm…

The “invisible clef” is actually an invisible treble clef. I made a doricolib file to add an invisible bass clef and posted it here. Of course, you’ll then have the issue that you’ll need to add a real bass clef on the next system, and Dorico won’t let you hide the cautionary clef, so you’ll have to start a new flow or use a coda. (The ability to hide cautionary clefs has been requested a bajillion times.)

You can Scale it to 1%, and the tiny clef will be hidden by a staff line, (and also take no additional space):

(that’s actually 5%, just so you can see it.)

but you can kill it with fire by setting the Opacity to 0%.


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Thanks, FredGUnn. It’s helpful to know the limitations. What a mess. Work-around time.

Thanks, benwiiggy. That’s a better work-around than the one I came up with. I just inserted a fake treble clef in the previous measure. Yours plays back. Got to remember the opacity for hiding things.

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IIRC, when one uses opacity, one has to Print in Color (unless that has recently been changed).

I think there was a change that if it’s 0%, then Mono doesn’t show it.

But a transparent object still takes up space, unless you resize it, too.

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Yes, my workaround preserves the correct spacing.