Unwanted drone note in all string parts MIDI

I just exported an orchestration flow to midi and when I imported it into my DAW (Logic) all the strings parts had an extra drone note for the entire piece, played by the contrabass. I have no idea where this note came from. Any ideas?

It is likely a keyswitch that you will need somehow to filter out, either before exporting your MIDI or else using some function in Logic.

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Welcome to the forum, @Dru_Michelle. This will indeed be a keyswitch note required to trigger the right playing techniques with the sounds you’re using in Dorico. MIDI export includes all the notes and MIDI controllers that are used for playback.

If you want to export the music without keyswitches and controllers, try temporarily changing the playback template (via Play > Playback Template) to HALion Sonic Selection. These basic sounds don’t use any keyswitches or MIDI controllers.

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Thanks, this worked. I didn’t have the exact Halion setting you mentioned, but I just put it on the first one which I assumed was the simplest.

It would be nice to have an option in the midi export menu , in which you can enable or disable the inclusion of keyswitch messages in the midifile.

When you export MIDI, that includes whatever data your Expression Maps dictate. KeySwitches, CCs, program changes, Note Velocity, etc, etc.

That’s essential if you’re going to use the same VSTs in the app that will receive the MIDI.

But if you’re not going to use the same VSTs in the receiving app, then you need to set your Playback Template to Silent, or the HALion basic set.