Unwanted drone

I’m getting a continuous low F# drone in the cello part of a file that used to play back flawlessly. I haven’t done anything at all to the expression maps nor am I using any key switches. (There was an earlier post complaining about a similar drone, but the poster and many of the responses assumed that there was some sort of key switch issue. In my case that doesn’t apply.)

Partly solved but not happily: This was a file that I converted from one made in an older version of Dorico. When made a brand new file and pasted the old music in, the problem disappeared. Since it’s a smallish piece I can do that without a lot of hassle, though I’m going to have to redo the formatting.

But it’s happening in a much larger file, too, and I really don’t want to start from scratch with that one; it represents hours and hours of work. I think there must be a bug here somewhere; I haven’t done anything that would lead me to believe operator error is involved.

The issue here will be that you have changed the sound used to play back this staff without telling Dorico that it should use a different expression map: the low F# is the keyswitch defined in the expression map for the HSO cello that is used by default, but if you then load a different sound in HALion Sonic SE or switch to a different VST instrument altogether manually in Play mode by changing the assignments directly, Dorico doesn’t know about the change, and you must also make a corresponding change in the Endpoint Setup dialog.