Unwanted dry signal in parallel of Guitar Rig 5


I can’t get rid of the dry guitar signal when I insert NI Guitar Rig 5 in any place (Part Stack, Global Stack, Audio Track or Mixer)

While GR6 is VST3, GR5 is only VST2. I use the latter because it features a very cool looper that I can sync to VL measures, and also because I can’t get Program Changes to work with GR6.

If I lower to zero the output volume of Guitar Rig 5, I still can hear the dry guitar.

This problem only occurs with GR5 in VST Live, not in Cubase, neither in the standalone NI application.

I have no idea of why this is so, just a new pitfall on my way to the upcoming perfect live setup :grimacing:

VL crashed twice today while I was trying to remove Guitar Rig 5 from a Global Stack insert slot…

Hold on, folks! We’re with you.

It must be something within the plugin. There is no way for VST Live to process the dry signal when an insert is active anywhere, tracks or Stacks.
Cannot get hold of Guitar Rig 5 as VST2 plugin. Tried removing 6 version (vst3) several times w/o problems.
You refer to global stack, maybe you have another instance running somewhere else? What if you create a new Project, add global Part, add Stack there, still dry signal?

… have you seen my answer here. I was able to control GR6 with Program Changes.


… do you find any crash logs for us?

Thank you,

Yes, is it that file ?

Yes, but I tried again and no way to change the patches… I am probably missing something. I will try tomorrow with a fresh installation of VL and GR6 on another computer.

The peadlboard I’m using is a Behringer FCB1010 with a UnO2 v1.4 chipset that allows me to tweak the machine. It is programmed to send solely PC without Bank Select on channel 15. The Learn function is working in GR, but I can’t change presets via PC.

I don’t think so because when I lower the stack output (or input) volume to zero, there’s no more guitar sound with or without effects.

Ok…maybe you have a send to the FX section? Does one of the 2 Fx channels show activity?

If all of this doesn’t help and you still get the problem, but only with Guitar Rig 5, then ist must be a problem of the plugin. We do beleive you that it works elsewhere, but all we can say that there is no path for the dry signal to get through. Inserts are exactly that; the signal goes right into the plugin and nowhere else, and if there is still a dry component, it can only come from the plugin.
That is all the more true as you say that it shows the same behaviour in a track insert.

Got one of those and will check. But I don’t think it has anything to do with that.

Back from my tonight show, I’m going to resume the tests, maybe with a third host (Wavelab).

I don’t think neither but @Spork asked me the question.

After a few hours of investigation, I have no more clues. When I insert a ping-pong delay in insert slot 1 and Guitar Rig 5 in slot 2, both the wet and unwanted dry signal are delayed.

Could it be related to mono/stereo? In VL, Stacks and Channels are not declared as mono or stereo like Cubase tracks are. Maybe that creates a confusion for GR5 which doesn’t know if it has to handle one channel or two, and then the second channel is passing through…

Just thinking out loud, I have absolutely no idea of the signal flow in VST.

… and Guitar Rig 6 is fine?


Absolutely! I have tested with another computer and another audio interface with the exact same results.

… I see. Let me try to get access to GR5, please hold the line,

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Thank you Michael!

As Guitar Rig 5 is the only plugin I tried that has this problem, but this only occurs in VST Live and not in other hosts, I have the feeling that both GR5 and VL are involved in this issue…

Hoping you won’t waste too much time on this one.

VST Live Channels are always Stereo. Mono sources are send to both inputs simultanously, so it is very likely that that is not the cause.

If you set the Ping-Pong Delay to wet only, that is literally impossible. Any plugin in slot2 gets only the signal from its predecessor and nothing else. That again would mean there must be something else outside this Stack; either another instance inside VST Live, or maybe a standalone version of Guitar Rig 5 running?

Sorry @musicullum , I misspoke…

  • I have a ping-pong delay in insert 1, wet only: I don’t hear the dry signal.

  • Then I put Guitar Rig 5 in insert 2 with the plug-in Master Volume set to zero: I hear the insert 1 delay (and not the dry guitar).

  • If I raise GR5 master volume, what I hear is the delayed signal through the effects.

…but no dry signal? So when do you get a dry signal at all?

The ping-pong delay plugin on insert 1 is doing its job correctly, so the signal entering the insert 2 (GR5) has no more dry guitar, it’s only the delayed sound.

Then if I set a distortion in GR5, I can hear both the distorted delayed sound AND the clean delayed sound. And if I lower the GR5 volume output to zero, the clean delayed sound is still there…

Got it. So it is the GR5 which adds the dry signal (here: delay output).