Unwanted Echo/Reverb in blank project

Okay so I’m very new to Cubase and digital music production in general. I’ve been guitar player for 17 years but have always just used amps and pedals live and relied on other people for recording and mastering (which I’m trying to fix lol!). The point is I may be making a rookie error so please help me out.

The problem - when I create a new project in Cubase any audio which is output through Cubase has an echo/reverb on top of it. It’s really odd and doesn’t occur if I set up a ‘pre-made’ project such as the the Guitar-Vocal recording default. It is only present when I open a blank project and start from scratch.

The problem applies to samples when auditioned outside a track, live instrument playback, midi input via my Maschine Mikro Mk3 - any audio output at all regardless of channel. The problem isn’t there when I use other programs such as Maschine 2 or the basic input for the UR-RT4 interface.

This makes me think the problem is with how the default settings are defined in the blank project. But there are no effects/inserts active anywhere that I can see, the physical inputs/outputs are all the same as when I use a template project and the problem disappears. I don’t know if it is relevant but I have control room disabled for now.

My rig consists of:

Steinber UR-RT4 interface
Cubase 11 (full version)
Maschine Mikro Mk3
Various Guitars/external inputs via jack
output - Audiotechnica monitor headphones

Any advice would be appreciated!

Do you have the compensated delay button engaged?

Hard to say exactly with the info given, but have you tried soloing the DAW in dspmixFX? The reverb could from the UR-RT itself.