Unwanted Final Bar

At the end of my score, there is another page that just has one blank bar with a quarter rest in it. I tried to delete it in System Track, but that did not work. What is this? Thanks.

Have you tried trimming the flow where the extra bar appears?

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Is it another flow?

Can you attach the project?

Thanks. How does one trim the flow?

Supposedly, you can do that in System Track but that doesn’t work. What you you recommend!

Shift+B, trim
Shift+B, -1
Shift+B, -1q

All of the above should work, I think. (I’d have to doublecheck that last one) “Trim” sometimes seems buggy for whatever reason, so if that doesn’t work. Shift+B, -1 (or -5, -999, whatever) should work.

The single quarter-rest with no meter or key looks much more like an additional flow. If so, you can delete that in Setup mode.


One thing to offer from my earlier experience with trim: when it seemed not to be working it turned out to be that the flow actually had some kind of explicit format entry beyond the desired trim point but these were not visible because I was working with signposts hidden, For my work the typical case has been forced system breaks. Deleting these was necessary for trim to work.

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@Mark_Johnson, That seems pretty logical, thanks.

Dorico is extremely logical–so logical that it takes very little effort to remember how to do most things. There are a few concepts, however, that are unique and are taking me a while to internalize. The music stuff is no problem. Some of set up and layout stuff will be no problem as soon as my brain wraps around them. :slightly_smiling_face: (@lilie, Like my embarrasing mental melt-down over title pages.)

@DanielMuzMurray , Thank you. Since this turned out to be an unwanted flow, I won’t trouble you with reviewing the project file. I appeciate the offer very much.