Unwanted note quantization

I know I must have inadvertently set something, but can’t figure out what it might be.

I played a part purposefully very loose on a midi keyboard and recorded it on an instrument track. When I played it back it sounded pretty stiff. So I opened it in the Key Editor and all the notes start exactly on the grid line, not like I played it at all. Then I noticed that snap was on in the Project Window. Even though I didn’t think that would quantized my playing I turned it off and recorded a beyond-sloppy-loose test part. Same thing, all the notes start on grid lines. Skimmed through the Ops Manual chapter on quantization but didn’t find anything. What am I missing?

Is it this?

… except that, in Cubase 8.5, “Auto Quantize” has moved to the pop-up menu when you click on “New Parts” (bottom left of the Transport Bar).

Ahh, that’s where it was hiding. Wonder how it got set to be on, maybe that’s the 8.5 default? Didn’t help that the only index entry for “Auto Quantize” is for the Score’s display.

I think it would be better to have Auto Quantise on/off as an option in one of the main menus - it’s a nuisance having to fiddle around the transport bar, which I rarely have in view.

It can be set as a key command, but it would be better with an indicator amongst the other Q functions as there is no visible cue to its current status. I switch it on and off a lot as I jump parts say between drums which I want to program to strict quantise and free flowing piano. Easy to implement I would guess?

Edit: As I recall, it used to have a status light in the transport bar back a few Cubase versions - what happened?

Oh it is there under “Transport/MIDI Record Mode” I wasn’t looking there because I didn’t think it was related to Transport (silly me I thought it would be under MIDI or Project). +1 for an indicator to provide a visual cue.

Oh! I managed to miss that completely until now, thanks.

In fact, there is an indication (albeit nowhere near as clear as previously :wink: )…
Auto Quantize.jpg

Sorry if my uploaded Pic was misleading, I just grabbed the first auto quantize pic I saw.
I had not even noticed it had changed in the new version (haven´t used it yet).
Anyway glad you found it and the problem is sorted.

Yes, thanks Vic, agreed if the transport bar is in use (rarely in my case as I use external control), but what a mess! 3 clicks to open, select and close the menu. 5 if I need to show transport and close the bar afterwards and it’s a mile away from the rest of the quantise controls.

I have created a key command to toggle it, but it’s not very clear what status is set. It’s just a small niggle I guess in the big scheme, but it has repeatedly caught me out. Maybe it’s me that could use a software “upgrade”. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I generally don’t have the transport open either. And when I do I haven’t had that section visible :frowning: but thanks for the info Vic.