Unwanted Panning using Metagrid

I have a interesting issue with Cubase 12. Whenever I switch between tracks, the panning of a track is changed by 1 or 2. E.g. if I click on a track, the panning goes up by 1 or 2 to the left. (L1 → L2 etc.) Some panning can not even be set to Center with Ctrl Click. It is also happening if I do not use my ICON QCON Controller. Even with all external Controllers switched of. The panning law is set to -3dB. Does anybody experince a similar problem? Running Cubase 12.0.52 Buikd 393.

Just figured out, the problem is caused by METAGRID. Generic Remote 3 connected to METASERVER via Metagrid MIDI IO cuses the trouble. :frowning: This ruined already a lot of panning effort in my mixes.


To me it sounds like this one.