Unwanted pitch shift when importing audio cd tracks

Back again. I have been importing audio cd tracks into Cubase 5 so that I can try out the vst mastering plug-ins. The problem I seem to be having is that the pitch of the cd tracks have all been altered in the importing process. All the tracks are at a higher pitch and run faster than the the track on the original cd. Can anybody suggest what might be happening and how I may resolve the problem :question:

Find the Pref to Convert Samplerate on Import and set it to Always Ask.

I can not seem to find the preferences for the import option. Where might I find this :question:

File-Prefs-Editing-Audio. :confused:

I have entered File-Prefs-Editing-Audio, but I still can’t find pref to Convert Samplerate on Import. There is a section called ‘On import of audio files’ but I can’t find the option ‘to Always Ask’ when converting samplerate on import in this section. :confused:

Do you see the drop down menu?

Edit: It’s “Use Options Dialog” You need.

or perhaps musical mode is set on, and track velocity differs from import sample? or sample velocity was badly recognized?

SteveInChicago re; Edit: “Use Options Dialog” does not seem exsist in PC format. :confused:

Thanks ‘erdwandler’ took your advice and switched off ‘musical mode’. The audio has reverted to its original pitch. Excellent! :smiley: