unwanted random midi notes

I had a Technics KN2000 keyboard (pretty old) which I have worked with for seven years (successfully) using Cubase SX2 version. I still have this keyboard. (See my website for what can be done with basic set-up).

I acquired a KN5000 (more bells and whistles) somewhere along the way but worked successfully with it and Cubase SX2. . I have just changed to a new computer running windows 8.1,a new OS and a new version of Cubase (Elements 8.1).

My problem relates to the change over.

LEADS: First on the old set up I was using round DIN midi leads and these terminated at the computer end in mini jack plugs into an Audigy sound Card in the computer. Under the new system as I did not have a dedicated sound card in the computer I had to change to a connector with round DIN midi plugs for the keyboard and a a USB connection at the computer end. The standard set up I think.

My method of composing starts by sending some of the auto rhythms to the computer and doctoring them in the computer, (substitute drums and instruments). So a first step is to choose a rhythm I like and use the Auto Play chord, so this plays away and I send it to a midi track on the computer. Unfortunately it plays the rhythm but also ADDITIONAL random notes appear on the score in addition to what I would expect. Key editor shows that they are long notes and usually very low and they do actually sound .SO WHAT IS CAUSING THIS. Also I would like any midi file produced to be type 1 midi so I can dissolve it into separate tracks as they all seem to be type zero (Track setting is “Any”). This would help with the problem and for other reasons. Cubase elements 8 does not have List Editor. The old version did. If any one knows a simple one I can introduce I would be grateful.

Substituting earlier keyboard which WORKS as it should. I have both (written) Manuals and I tried to compare differences but they are not quite the same. Looked on internet - a known problem but hardly solved on the internet. Looked on Steinberg forums - no real answer.

Finally wanted to attach a Key Edit print out of me playing some random notes in the treble (no sustain used) and you can see long heavy notes at the bottom of the picture which I did not play ! I wanted to send this but I do not know how to get it into an acceptable format.I can take a screen print but even with file converter cannot get it to an acceptable format.

MY THOUGHTS:Several things have changed - not keyboard (but possible keyboard settings which are very comprehensive), the physical lead keyboard to computer,Cubase version,Windows Operating System.

Thanks in advance

Both keyboards show these symptoms.

HI, i would suggest you install Midi-Ox on your pc and check the incoming midi. In case the midi in contains the Long unwanted notes, then your Keyboard obviously transmits them. Then the question would remain why it worked before?
So: When you changed from the midi->Midi in (audigiy) Connection to the midi->usb , what cable exactly do you use? does the Keyboard have a usb-midi out?

Cheers, Ernst